The advantages of SCS membership

  • Free subscription to swiss knife, the public organ of the SCS

  • Junior members: benefit from a significant discount on admission to the Swiss College of Surgeons Annual Meeting

  • Full members: discounted admission to the Swiss College of Surgeons Annual Meeting

  • Newsletter

  • Core Surgical Curriculum

The advantages as a junior member

Whoever is a physician in further training to become a surgeon and is a member of a basic organization in this capacity (junior member; extraordinary member), also becomes a junior member of the SCS without further action, as far as this is stipulated in the statutes of the respective basic organization.

Young physicians who have just started their basic surgical training and accordingly do not yet belong to a basic organization may also be admitted as junior members of the SCS. However, until they belong to a basic organization, they have no voting rights and are not eligible to vote or stand for election.

Become a member now

As a member you have more favorable conditions for educational offers and can quickly get an overview of the surgical environment in Switzerland.