The Swiss College of Surgeons aims to strengthen and increase visibility of the various surgical specialties in Switzerland, as well as demonstrate the possibilities of modern surgery in the context of holistic healthcare.  With this in mind, representatives of the Society of Surgeons (SGC), as well as the societies of vascular surgery (SGG), thoracic surgery (SGT) and hand surgery (SGH), founded the Swiss College of Surgeons (SCS) in Basel in August 2017. Under the lead of Raffaele Rosso and following the Royal College of Surgeons, the new society was composed of  representatives of  the core surgical  societies respectively, the Secretary General, as well astwo junior staff member representatives. In addition, a so-called Surgeons' Chamber was formed as a decision-making body composing of 2 or 3 representatives of the core surgery organizations, respectively. The surgical societies who had been accepted under the new umbrella association, had to adapt their individual statutes, accordingly. On June 1, 2021 - following a one year delay due to the covid pandemic - the board was  elected in a in-person meeting , and thereby  relieving the founding board from its work.

The Swiss College of Surgeons (SCS) sees itself as the umbrella organization of Swiss surgeons. The SCS has therefore designed the Core Surgical Curriculum as a basic training program for the core surgical  societies belonging to the SCS ( Link to CSC) and took over the organization of the annual congress for the BO in 2023. These activities are intended to ensure the quality of the basic training program and to strengthen the solidarity of surgeons in Switzerland and among the general public. Together with FMCH, the SCS also promotes the professional and financial interests of its members.

Organigram SCS
Founding members of the Swiss College of Surgeons on August 16, 2017 in Basel; from left to right: Milica Jablanovic (Sekretariat), Michele Arigoni (SGATC), Guido Beldi (SGVC), Michaël Papaloïzos (SGH), Frédéric Dubas (Sekretär SGC)Philip Lenzlinger (SGATC), Raffaele Rosso (SGC), Mario Bonaccio (SGH), Markus Furrer (SGC), Dieter Hahnloser (SGVC), Rolf Inderbitzi (SGT), Matthias Widmer (SGG), Lorenz Gürke (SGG), Marcel Jakob (SGC)